Diy Thermite


Introduction: Diy Thermite

I would give a brief description of thermite's uses
thermite is a mixture of specific metals that when given a slight
boost of heat ... triggers a reaction that produces intense amounts of heat that can even be used to melt steel

I hope I will not be held liable for any criminal activities that arise from this instructable
I apologise as there are no pictures and this is my first instructable that is quite destructable for a thirteen year old mind

Step 1: Items and Safety

the items needed:

sparklers/handheld fireworks(those things with gunpowder stuck to an iron wire)
aluminium foil
pliers( or if you are a complete redneck, use a pair of scissors)

please be smart and keep the fun until the proper time so don't be an idiot and put candles near the sparklers

Step 2: Set Up

first you need to find how much iron (sparklers' wire)
should be mixed with aluminium
i suggest for every sparkler you have do half a round of wrapping for aluminium foil
bu please do not do more than 20 rounds

Step 3: Set Up

get as many sparklers as you want and use the pliers to remove the part of iron wire you hold. you can do a really stupid thing like putting them in water, let them rust, dry them and bundle them with the sparklers for more iron oxide

Step 4: Set Up

use 2 rubber bands and bundle the sparklers together
once this is done, grab your aluminium foil and start wrapping
note that when you wrap, where the handles used to be,there are now stumps so wrap over these and at where you light, leave a small hole to light of course

Step 5: Modification

on one side of the metal sausage, make small holes 2 cm apart usind a tooth pick. make a long line of holes to spread the heat to only one side out

or spread a flammable jelly on the whole thing

my favourite is to use a magnesium ribbon to start ... just stick it in when wrapping

Step 6: Lets Roll

place the sausage near some , i suggest iron for starters,and get a single sparkler and light it, and put it on the end of the sparkling sausage touching the hole then run or just light it directly and remember to take a video

please tell me what the results are and send me the videos if possible :to



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