a diy tornado machine i built. i used a bathroom exhaust fan(50cfm) and a fog fountain water nebulizer. the video pretty much explains the rest.

i have a better video here ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxYPU2KDr18 ) but this one was more informative.

if anyones interested i may make an instructable in the future. please rate/comment. thanks
I am a science teacher, and would love to build your tornado maker for my weather section. Any chance to get your directions. The ones i see online are about 300 bucks. These kits are completely put together so i cant afford that and the school will not give me the money to but it. Am hoping you will be so kind as to sed me theinstructable so i can have your machine on display for my students. I teach science to 75 students a day, and these kids are move visual lerners than book taught. Any help would be greatly appreciated.<br><br>Jim Lawrence<br>jmlbob@gmail.com
scientia est potentia<br><br>nice to see someone who shares my motto
I'm very interested in this so could you please make an Instructable on this. I would be so happy if you could. Thanks
interested - yeh. might just have to make a 6' one (2m) for a nightclub! would be an interesting addition to the sides of a DJ booth...
it would actually be very easy to do. the hardest parts to get would be the 6' plexiglass. but you could just use several nebulizers and a shop-vac for the fan

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