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a diy tornado machine i built. i used a bathroom exhaust fan(50cfm) and a fog fountain water nebulizer. the video pretty much explains the rest.

i have a better video here ( ) but this one was more informative.

if anyones interested i may make an instructable in the future. please rate/comment. thanks



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    I am a science teacher, and would love to build your tornado maker for my weather section. Any chance to get your directions. The ones i see online are about 300 bucks. These kits are completely put together so i cant afford that and the school will not give me the money to but it. Am hoping you will be so kind as to sed me theinstructable so i can have your machine on display for my students. I teach science to 75 students a day, and these kids are move visual lerners than book taught. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Jim Lawrence

    scientia est potentia

    nice to see someone who shares my motto

    I'm very interested in this so could you please make an Instructable on this. I would be so happy if you could. Thanks

    interested - yeh. might just have to make a 6' one (2m) for a nightclub! would be an interesting addition to the sides of a DJ booth...

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    it would actually be very easy to do. the hardest parts to get would be the 6' plexiglass. but you could just use several nebulizers and a shop-vac for the fan