Dog Bowl Chair





Introduction: Dog Bowl Chair

I bought these two old wooden chairs about a year ago at a yard sale for 1.00 each with the intention of this project. Tonight I finally got around to making the raised holders for the dog bowls.

Step 1: Sanding

First thing I did was sand off all the loose paint and just smoothed things out in preparation of applying poly. One of the chairs had a cracked piece of wood on the back but instead of glueing
it and fixing it I just sanded it down and left it.

Step 2: Cut Down the Legs

I used a piece of scrap to screw down the chair back to the table and clamp or of the legs measured a couple inches up on each leg and cut them off

Step 3: Cut Out Bowl Hole

I wanted to center the bowl up left and right but favor the front a bit. I traced the bowl lip then cut a circle 1/2 inch smaller than the lip and routed the seat with a round over bit and the bowl fits perfect.

Step 4: Finishing

I applied a wipe on polyurethane to the entire chair just to give it a little protection from water.
then finally add some felt pads to the leg bottoms.



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    Not trying to be mean, looks like how we potty trained the kids. Ha ha

    My exact same thoughts!

    the thought did cross my mind that I should have a talk with my 3 year old.