Dog Brush





Introduction: Dog Brush

OK this is not just the average dog brush. I was vacuuming my house one day when my dog came and laid right next to me. I started to vacuum my dog with the tube thing. she seemed to like this. Now its sheding season for my dog and she gets hair all over. And I have to clean it all up (it SUCKS). So I thought for a while (like 5 seconds) and "bing" I got the idea to create a brush that fits onto the tube sucker thing (im bad with names) so I could brush my dog and suck up the fur at the same time.
I hope this instructable helps you as much as it helps me with your dogs sheding season

Step 1: Stuff You Will Need

this is a very simple project so it requires very simple stuff.
1. a comb, 2 would work beter than 1 (i used a comb designed for dogs)
2. vamcuum tube end glue
4. tin snips
5. a dog

Step 2: Cuting the Comb

cut the comb so it fits bothe ends of the vacuum tube head.

Step 3: Glue on the Combs

this step is as simple as glueing on the combs to the thing.

Step 4: YAY

now that your done go stop sheding once and for all (i guesse thats imposible).



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That's neat but is a vacuum safe to use on dogs?

Yes it's safe to vacuum a dog, I am a professional cleaner and carpet cleaner
all my dogs are desensitized to the vacuum cleaner, I have even used the hot water extraction machine with the heat turned low and the upholstery tool.
my old Kelpie thought being vacuumed was heaven on earth.

this is preety smart! unfortunately my dog (Dante' aka : poopers) is a short hair breed and i already bought one of those fancy silicon brushes at walmart. but if he chews that up i'll consider this as an alternative. you pernounce my dogs name: dan-ta(long a sound) or dan-te(short e sound).

Great idea! My dog (Raspberry) loves to be vacuumed anyway. How far down do the combs stick out? The pics are not very clear.

about a half inch works. tel raspberry i said hi

I would totally do this for my cat if she didn't hide under the bed whenever she hears the vacuum. . .

oh yah thats a problem my dog is weird sometimes shes afraid of the vacuum alot of the time but ocaisonaly she is not. she gets over the fear pretty quickly