Dog Ends Assalt Rifle





Introduction: Dog Ends Assalt Rifle

this is my first instructable so please be nice

Step 1: The Hand Grip


Step 2: Handle

same handl as ipod killers just add two red rodds

Step 3: Barrell Exstension

the barrel

Step 4: Barrel

ipod killers barrel
add this red bit

Step 5: Butt

the butt
5 of these
then clip them on

Step 6: Magazine

ipod killers magazine

Step 7: Pin

same pin as the shifle

Step 8: Part of Te Butt

hi its me

Step 9: A Peice

this is a peice

Step 10: Scope

this is a scope

Step 11: Putting Together

almost done



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    pinapebob........... ur guns r cool well except the cyborg bow lol cood u all check out mi really funny video and plz comment its liam the little freak its rly funny thx

    Good gun. But seriously, what did you do for the photos? Take a polaroid and scanned it? You should get the guy who sold you that camera back. But seriously, good. 3.5.

    Bad pics:( Bad instructions:( Good gun:) Nice design:) Nice feel:) Not much strength...:( Anway, overall, its an okay gun. (Please check out my gun, "Pineapplebob's Sniper Rifle

    this pictures and instructions are better then yourse

    one, you spelled "yours" wrong, but that doesn't really matter. Two, nearly all of the pictures of this gun are blurry. You can still tell what's going on, but none of my pics blurred except for those two pics with the connection on the cover.

    that is just a direct copy of mepains shifle with a stock and "My"???first instructable. -.- also "dogs end assault rifle"? give me a break -.-

    i really want to make this but pics to small

    it looks like a nice gun and really all it needs is new pics thats all=)

    Crap Photography