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my dog is like 10-11 and getting old. going down the steps off the deck was getting to be a problem(shew would fly down em after skwurls) and to keep her safe we built a dog ramp of the side of the deck for like 10 dollars

Step 1: Attaching It

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when you nock out 1 or two of 1x1 post things cut oneto go on side of deck for support and then just nail it up


velojym (author)2011-11-06

I just built a ramp for our dogs, but the deck is fairly high and they absolutely refuse to use it.
So... gotta stock up on lumber and build a set of dog stairs.

I'd have just built their run at the foot of the already present stairs, but my better half nixed that one. Didn't want any guests accidentally stepping on anything squishy.

rocknrollskwurl (author)2007-07-01

it only takes one step really, theres not that much to it this instructable was for the idea,not how to build it

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