my dogs where running out of toys and i had an old pair of riped socks i wasent going to use any more so at first my parents just tied them in indivuidal knots and i decided to make this
what you need
is 2 hands 2 socks and a brain

Step 1: Tie Them Together

tie the open ends together tightly

Step 2: Tie the Ends

just tie a tight knot at the ends

Step 3: Sit Back and Enjoy

sit back enjoy your puppy play tug of war with him/her interact with them they need love
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i love dogs but when they start to teeth they bite a lot so.. take a water bottle fill it with treats and duck tape it to death the dog will chew for hours and not on your jeans!
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Ipod-sockDoggie-pull-fusion/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Ipod-sockDoggie-pull-fusion/</a> I made something,people might be interested to do this?<br/>
i once saw two jack russels go at it with one of these it was hilarious
I HAVE 4 JRTS HARLEY 6 YERS boy, ryder girl 3-5 years(?), spot boy 1 year(hes huge) peanut girl 1 year rrealy patete and we just got rid of anoughter male
I can do better, how about two Golden Retrievers on either end pulling for all its worth with a Jack Russel hanging in the middle flailing about and making the most noise of the lot. :D My dogs well do that from time to time.
When you do something like this you are showing your pets that socks are ok to chew on. It can often send mixed messages to your dogs and show them that all socks are ok to chew on. You may soon find that your laundry pile is slowly being devoured.
ah but my dogs dont do that we have closed hampers wich are easy and also my dogs are good like that so yeah its just there behaviyer
where is mario
wheres mario? lol, very nice idea for dog owners getting tired of the useless amount of toys they have to buy.
Seems easy enough. Having two dogs, entertaining them is always needed.

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