Doggie Pull Toy for Under .000000000000ect...1 Cent

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Introduction: Doggie Pull Toy for Under .000000000000ect...1 Cent

my dogs where running out of toys and i had an old pair of riped socks i wasent going to use any more so at first my parents just tied them in indivuidal knots and i decided to make this
what you need
is 2 hands 2 socks and a brain

Step 1: Tie Them Together

tie the open ends together tightly

Step 2: Tie the Ends

just tie a tight knot at the ends

Step 3: Sit Back and Enjoy

sit back enjoy your puppy play tug of war with him/her interact with them they need love



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    they were probably bought as a pair and mario died. :( So quit makin the guy feel bad meanie.

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    i love dogs but when they start to teeth they bite a lot so.. take a water bottle fill it with treats and duck tape it to death the dog will chew for hours and not on your jeans!