hi. My first instructable wasn't that great so i've decided to make something a bit simpler.

    So here are my latest k'nex inventions!

Good range
perfect for fighting around
the house
holds up to 6 ammo in each gun
not to many pieces needed

trigger may break with to much force
don't ever shoot this gun without any ammo. It will break.

Step 1: The Mag Pusher

1. What you'll make
2. make x5
why did u cut the rods
Innovative? How? All I see is a rather chunky pistol with an awkward mag. X2.
i agree
any1 can make this, its so easy why bother posting .5*
every thing works though. mag is a good mag anyway it works perfectly.<br>
Mmm. The only thing I like is the mag.
not bad...
?If they are twin, how do you pull the firing pin back on both at the same time
Make the handle comfier and change the barrel into a rectangular one with y clips.

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