double barrel knex hand gun i made it when i was bored and it is a good gun.

Step 1: Geting Pieces

37 reds
7 oranges
1 white

2 grays
2 reds
2 yellow
1 blue
1 white

Step 2: Barrel One

copy the picture.

Step 3: Barrel Two

copy the picture.

Step 4: Put It Together

look at the picture not this.

Step 5: Ram Rods

put ram rods in gun.

Step 6: Rubber Bands

put on rubber bands.

Step 7: Loading Gun

put yellow rods into barrels.
how do you rate !!!
sorry about what i said but bedbugg is right make sure the next gun you post has atleast a true trigger :)
Oh my god, just because it has a block trigger you think it sucks, me and my friends build the best block trigger guns I've ever seen. We built this sniper rifle that was a block trigger and it shot over 400 feet, trust me we measured it, but it took 3 of us to pull it back!
hwy did you highlight the tree?
ahhhhhhhhh stop posting poop like this even though it has 2 barrels that just means its doubly stupid

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