double barrel knex hand gun i made it when i was bored and it is a good gun.

Step 1: Geting Pieces

37 reds
7 oranges
1 white

2 grays
2 reds
2 yellow
1 blue
1 white

Step 2: Barrel One

copy the picture.

Step 3: Barrel Two

copy the picture.

Step 4: Put It Together

look at the picture not this.

Step 5: Ram Rods

put ram rods in gun.

Step 6: Rubber Bands

put on rubber bands.

Step 7: Loading Gun

put yellow rods into barrels.
I personnaly like block trigger guns, as long as it is easy to use, it's not too complicated and has a descent range of +30 feet it's a success to me.
i need help on a trigger my gun tas a pull pin so when you pull the blue rod out it shoots what type of trigger would that be
how do you rate !!!
sorry about what i said but bedbugg is right make sure the next gun you post has atleast a true trigger :)
Oh my god, just because it has a block trigger you think it sucks, me and my friends build the best block trigger guns I've ever seen. We built this sniper rifle that was a block trigger and it shot over 400 feet, trust me we measured it, but it took 3 of us to pull it back!
you might want to scan thorugh the site first or go to <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-great-Knex-weapon-Instructable/">this</a> instructable, the people here are tired of simple guns like this because we have so many of them even though it is your first instructable you should put more effort into it instead of copying somone elses and make somthing thats never been made before :)<br/>
hey i did not copy it.
mabye not but it is really similar to the guns we have here already
ok i will make a different gun.
exellent, and try to make somthing that hasnt been done before ;)
hey will you join my group.
sure thing
could I join too?
hwy did you highlight the tree?
youre going to get alot of abuse by posting this from other people
ahhhhhhhhh stop posting poop like this even though it has 2 barrels that just means its doubly stupid

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