Double Barrel Sawed Off Pen Shotgun




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Introduction: Double Barrel Sawed Off Pen Shotgun

this is a pen gun with 2 barrels i made while i was at my friend's house. i thought of the idea while i was at summer camp and started designing blueprints.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Give a general description of the Stepst gather your supplies. You'll need 3 pens (any kind), 4 rubber bands, tape, and 2 white pegs with nails in them.

Step 2:

empty out all components from all 3 pens. cut 1 pen in half. Now tape 1 pen on 1 half.this will become your "barrel".

Step 3:

now tape 2 rubber bands on the "barrel".they must be even on both sides

Step 4:

now drill a hole near the end of the pen tube.Now stick the peg with the nail in hold it there tie a thin rubber band around it.This will become your trigger. With that complete repeat all 4 steps to make another one of these.Now tape them together.

Step 5:

congratulations you have now completed the pen gun. Top fire just cock back the rubber bands onto the nails.Then pull the trigger and watch it fly. If done right it should pierce card board boxes and fruits like apples and tomatoes. Do not point this at people or pets.



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     cool idea

    when u pull the trigger it releases the rubber band which then launches the pen cartridge

    So where is the hinge then? Like, where the nail thing moves? Because I don't get it D: