Step 2: Making the Screen

Starting in the center of one of the long sides of our picture frame, use the staple-gun to attach the edge of the screen fabric. Then, stretch the fabric tight across the frame, and staple it directly opposite the first staple.

Move to the shorter side of the frame, and do the same thing on each side.

Once there is some tension in the screen, slowly work around the frame, stretching and stapling until the whole screen is evenly tensioned, with no weird ripples, bumps, or saggy spots.

Once there is a staple about once an inch all the way around the frame, and the screen is nice and tight, you have an almost completed screen frame!
Gods_Texan3 years ago
Would it work to use an Embroidery Frame for this, especially if you are only going to do a few?
Sasha09085 years ago
this is cool.
What is "Screen Fabric"?
crazyg5 years ago
at uni the print technician didnt like me,so for printing i used a non patturned bit of net curtain as a mesh, paper for templates, and tubes of acrilic paint ,the paint holds the paper in place which was handy,the resulting prints had a nice texture varying on thickness of the paint and speed of drying,they were very durable images i found i practiced on my unwashed car and they didnt come off without the help of celly thinners
can you use muslin fabric for this step?