Introduction: Downsizing Grocery Bags

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great way to pack grocery bags for poop bags or emergency bags for the car

Step 1: Square the Bag

Picture of Square the Bag

push the sides of the bag in so it makes a square shape
and make sure to press the air out while you fold it makes for a cleaner fold and better end product

Step 2: Fold the Bag

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fold bag in half length wise

Step 3: Fold Again

Picture of Fold Again

Step 4: Start the Fold

Picture of Start the Fold

start with the side that has the open part on it

Step 5: Continue Folding

Picture of Continue Folding

fold till you get to the ends

Step 6: Tuck in the Ends

Picture of Tuck in the Ends

tuck in ends and flatten and now put it in your pocket, jacket, and head on your way


amekdala made it! (author)2014-04-26

nice idea, i think i ve been using grocery bags for at least 6-7 years,

for me the idea comes from dog walk, i'm grabbing what she (i prefer to use she instead of it) left on the ground when we walk out for daily walk, i was carrying grocery bag but without folding than one day the idea pop up in my mind, since than i m using folded grocery bag

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