Dragon Egg With Stand





Introduction: Dragon Egg With Stand

a dragon egg with stand i made
it was easy and cheap



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    is that stand out of hot glue??? thatz so cool!

    I'm sory but I won't make an instructable someone already made an instructable, please watch it here 
    if I do create an instructable in the future I will post it here

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    paint an egg blue then crack another egg into pieces (not too small) (like in the picture). Paint those pieces black and puzzle them on the blue egg and stick them on. you can make your own color combinations

    Wow, I never would have thought that it was hot glue. It looks awesome. I thought it was some sort of cristal.

    You could actually sprinkle some glitter on it after you made it while it's still soft and hot

    Hot glue: i applied it to an egg with a little bit of dish soap on it (so i could remove it when it cooled) I used a smaller egg so it would clamp the dragon egg

    There is an instructable just search Make a gorgeous dragons egg

    this would be SO cool to make! PLEASE ADD THE INSTRUCTABLE!!!

    make an instructable!!!!!!!

    I think you should make an Instructable about it. It looks pretty cool.