Draw Manga Boy Head


Introduction: Draw Manga Boy Head

learn how to make a manga boys head using the flame design

Step 1: The New Begening

in the first step we shall start by drawing the border of the head chin
then make a nose, I have used the type used in dragon ball z but u can try different one out

Step 2: See My Hair

now make the eye only on one side if you are going to make the hair as I have
if u are notusing the same one be free to experiment on different hair styles

Step 3:

now add neck lines start from the side of the head and move down like in the picture then at the border add a t shirt

Step 4:

for those of u who don't want to learn the flame design your instructable ended on the last step
the rest of u get , ready start the design by making small flames close to eachother but don't let them touch.

Step 5:

now do the same ting for the neck

Step 6: Finish It Off

add a flame for an eye or let it be and you are done!



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