Introduction: Drawings With E-wire

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Hello all, 
I bought 2 meters of each color of E-wire and I experimented doing drawings with it.
The drawings looks neon drawings and it is awesome in the dark.
I presented it in a frame of acrylic.

Step 1: Soldering the Wires

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First, you have to sold the cables. Just sold the positive with the negative.
You can plug it with an adaptor. When you buy the e-wires it comes already with the adaptor for electricity.

Step 2: Experimenting With Drawing

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Now that you have the cables its time for experiment with paper and glue.
I tried hot glue on paper but it didnt work. The best was sewing with transparent line on the paper. 

Step 3:

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The best way to fix the cables in the paper is to use a needle and thread and sew the cable on the paper.
In this case I used a mirror paper to have a refection of the cable.

Step 4:

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To present the drawings nicely I did a frame of acrylic of 5 cm high to protect the drawings. 


Rachel.Drozdz (author)2014-03-07

That's amazing !

longwinters (author)2014-02-25

Excellent work

jessyratfink (author)2014-02-25

This is fantastic!

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