Picture of dremel saw bit from commercial button
remember those commercial buttons you usually get at ellections and have nothing to do with afterwards ?! ever wanted to cut a piece of wood or plastic but didn't have the right dremel bit in stock ?! well, what are you waiting for ? start making them !

during the whole project it is VERY recommended that you wear safety goggles !

this dremel bit is NOT a HSS ( High Speed Steel ) tool - do NOT use this bit at high speeds !

this saw bit is effective on relatively soft materials such as wood, plastic, etc.

use this information at your own risk (there shuoldn't be any if you wear protective gear and use the bit with caution).

Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
the materials needed for making of this project are :

1. dremel
2. mandrel
3. grinding bit
4. grinding stone
5. drill bit ~2mm
6. commercial button
7. safety goggles
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thank you so much! finally! something i can cut wood with!


does anyone here have a purple cat I can test it on
ReCreate6 years ago
i want a dremel so baldly...I remember i used to have a dremel but we did not have the battery charger,so we threw it away
i love my dremel! get a corded one...i have a corded one and i would rather not have a cordless one...i have a corded drill too...i dont regret it...
I know what you mean. My corded drill got stolen and now all I have is a cordless that won't turn.
IMO corded drills have more torque then battery run ones
should have salvaged the motor
 i think it was bad 
harari (author)  ReCreate6 years ago
well.. they don't cost much... just buy one - it's really useful (just remember to buy DREMEL and NOT SKIL - mine's a bit off centered, a lot bigger and less comfortable)
I have 2 corded Dremels and I just bought a cordless one last night at Walmart for $20. Yay!
My dremel is my baby, this is a good idea but you could more easily buy a bit for it that will come with another bit attacher thing, and it will be much safer and perfectly round so you don't break it and die
Any ideas on how to make the teeth as small as the original saws you can get?
coco9112316 years ago
wow just the top of a button could turn a comment board into confessional cam wow...
klee27x6 years ago
Just a suggestion: Slightly bend each tooth up/down in alternating fashion. (Make sure you have an even number of teeth.) If you look at a real sawblade, you'll see this is the case. Either the teeth have inserts so that they are wider than the body, or they are bent outwards, slightly. The idea is that a saw cuts a channel that is slightly wider than the saw blade, itself. This reduces unproductive friction/heat that could ruin the saw and/or the material being cut.
kitmango6 years ago
I like your dremel bit, but does it work on other materials too? because, when plyxy glass is cut, it splits, like bamboo and it splits deep so please upload an other picture when sawing in wood or pvc plzplz ps sorry for my bad english, i'm not from an english country...
harari (author)  kitmango6 years ago
umm... I didn't really try in on different materials, I don't use it too often - I'll do some experiment for you and post them... I guess if you make it from stronger, less flexible and harder material it would cut through more materials. and hey, I'm not from an English speaking country as well (as you can tell from my avatar) where are you from?
kitmango harari6 years ago
I'm from the Netherlands,
harari (author)  kitmango6 years ago
cool, sorry I didn't post the videos yet, I'm in the Israeli army right now so I don't have a lot of time on my hands and I don't really have a variety of materials just laying around waiting to be destroyed. I hope I'll find some time and materials soon.
crickle3217 years ago
Your idea is pretty clever. Do you know the translation of the Hebrew?
I believe, if I can read it correctly, it says Ad Bo. Which means come forever or come for eternity, but I may be reading it incorrectly, cant tell if it is a Nun, or Vav.
harari (author)  Switz7 years ago
it says "AD KAN!" which means 'stop!' or 'up to here' and the fine print says "tzofim neged alimut" which means 'scouts against violence'
Switz harari7 years ago
Ok, I see it know. Where do you live? I have a friend in tzofim somewhere in Jerusalem. It wasnt easy to read xD. Shalom, Zeh tov me'od. Ani rotzeh lensot ha-tutorial shelcha. I fail.
harari (author)  Switz7 years ago
I live in ramat gan - about an hour drive from jerusalem, how do know hebrew? from him? sorry for the delayed response, I'm not at home too often because i'm in the army now, and when i'm home instructables is not at the top of my to do list...
recon506 harari7 years ago
I used to live in Rishon-Lezion, until I moved here to the USA when I was 5 and a half years old. Sadly, I forgot all my hebrew, as I speak Russian at home. but yeah, go Israel! Btw, I used to live on Azaid Street. It's a kind of a tiny street branching off of Rotschild, and not many people knew it actually existed.
harari (author)  recon5067 years ago
yeah, me neighborhood is also "invisible". were you born in Israel? rotschild rocks! there so much to do on that boulevard.
recon506 harari7 years ago
Yeah I was born in good old Israel. Rotschild is awesome. I remember the fish store that was right by the city park. I distinctly remember getting hit by a fish head on my way to a friends house. I also remember an abundance of spent shells and unfired rounds from M16's and UZI's all over the place. When I brought one home my dad got pretty mad and I couldn't sit down for a week after that. Other than that, Rishon was just your typical quiet town out in the back of Tel-Aviv. What do you do for a living? Speaking of which, since I didn't relinquish my Israeli citizenship when I got my US one, I was thinking of maybe going to the army for the prescribed 2 years. My parents think I'm crazy, but I should go through what my friends are gonna go through. Hell, I might even go through it with them together!
Hmm, the translation is pretty interesting though the graphic seems a little misleading. It would be easy to assume (at least to me) it would say something like "Back Off”, “Talk To The Hand” or something related to a button with a big hand... Thanks for translating :-)
No problem :) I could mean "come" for eternity and have some sexual innuendo's. That could explain the hand. LOL
oy vay ;p
harari (author)  crickle3217 years ago
yes it means STOP! scouts against violence
lemonie8 years ago
These are not a good shape for teeth, but it looks very neat.
My thought here is: power the dremel with AC and you've got one of these:
sam lemonie8 years ago
Most dremels are powered from AC.
lemonie sam8 years ago
The motor it's self would most likely be DC. I don't know for sure, but this type of motor usually is. If you feed a DC motor AC, it will tend to vibrate rather than turn (as the commecrcial cutter above)
harari (author)  lemonie8 years ago
the dremel above is AC powered ! and it has an AC motor
lemonie harari8 years ago
You dismantled your Dremel?! What voltage is the motor, stepped-down or straight off the mains supply? L
harari (author)  lemonie8 years ago
i don't really understand the question but it has no transformer, it is connected directly to 220V AC
lemonie harari8 years ago
(as Mar 15th) I meant that inside the Dremel, the motor may well be DC. I'd thought that you had taken the thing apart to find out the motor was AC. I don't think you have (and that wouldn't be a good idea). Either way, could you post a picture/video of this in action cutting something?
harari (author)  lemonie8 years ago
i will post a video soon, i am just very busy lately
bigpinecone sam8 years ago
mine isn't and i hate the thing
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