this is my first instructable and i made it after i made the blade so plz bare with me.

Anyway this is the blade that i have created from the metal scrap i found from the bottom of my old dresser. although the blade did not come out the way i had planned it is strong, sharp and still cool looking.

Step 1: get your scrap.

 first you begin with the base of the drawer. as you can see i bent the bottom part up but if you dont want the hassle you can remove it easily.
Make sure the blade is heated well and forged with greats force. I screwed up on asura and the blade split in half :(
Some advice: First the steel that you are using is most likely crap, they dont exactly use high carbon steel in furniture; Second if you are making a knife like this you need to forge weld, and looking at the knife you probably didn't even get to correct forging temperatures, and forge welding is well above that, and if you want a knife that actually works it needs to be a solid piece of metal not metal folds; Third before you use a whetstone you need a bevel to get a good edge then you use a whetstone to hone it.
Actually it' "VENI VIDI VICI"
thank you. i always thought i was getting it wrong but wasen't sure.

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