Picture of dresser drawer blade!
 this is my first instructable and i made it after i made the blade so plz bare with me.

Anyway this is the blade that i have created from the metal scrap i found from the bottom of my old dresser. although the blade did not come out the way i had planned it is strong, sharp and still cool looking.

Step 1: Get your scrap.

Picture of get your scrap.
 first you begin with the base of the drawer. as you can see i bent the bottom part up but if you dont want the hassle you can remove it easily.
curvy77 (author) 3 years ago
Make sure the blade is heated well and forged with greats force. I screwed up on asura and the blade split in half :(
EmcySquare3 years ago
Actually it' "VENI VIDI VICI"
curvy77 (author)  EmcySquare3 years ago
thank you. i always thought i was getting it wrong but wasen't sure.