Dried Flower Candle Holder


Introduction: Dried Flower Candle Holder

Easily decorate a jar or candle holder with dried flowers.

Step 1: Arrange Dried Flowers

Arrange and laminate dried flowers and leaves. (Laminating pouches not requiring a machine are also available.) Keep in mind the height and width of the candle holder or jar.

Step 2: Cut and Tape

Cut the laminated flowers into a strip that fits around the side of the glass candle holder/jar. Adhere the strip to the glass candle holder/jar with double-sided tape.

Step 3: Light Up

Insert and light a tea light candle.



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    This is great! I used to dry flowers, but never knew what to do with them, nice job!

    That idea is a new one to me, you could apply it to a lot of other things. L

    Good i'ble : D great simple idea. keep it up