Introduction: Drill Bit Storage Easiest and Simplest

Picture of Drill Bit Storage Easiest and Simplest

inspired by my friend Ishtiaq Zaman Sakib

Step 1: Materials

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1. a sewing machine
2. two buttons
3. old jeans
4. scissors
5. masking tape

6. permanent marker
7. little bit sewing skill ....

Step 2: Sew the Jeans

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sew the old jeans as u like sory i couldnt show it , and u have to do it as u like. make some compartments for drill bits. sory i cant sew that much well so mine is not precise. do it as u like and as many compartments u need. u can consult with some 1 who knows how to sew well. and keep some space so u can fold the whole thing

Step 3: Keep Some Space for Folding

Picture of Keep Some Space for Folding

keep some space for folding and sew those parts seal. so that between the rows and columns there are spaces to fold it

Step 4: Label the Compartments

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i labeled the compartment with masking tape and a permanent marker . i used two row 1 for wood drill bit and other is for HSS drill bit. i did not put them according to size but you can do it , thats better.

Step 5: Now Put Drill Bits According to Labeling

Picture of Now Put Drill Bits According to Labeling

as u can see i put drill bits according to the labeling i made earlier . in this one i labeled 26 compartment and each compartment can hold at least 2-3 drill bits. u can keep more if ur compartments are more in width .

Step 6: Now Attach Two Buttons

Picture of Now Attach Two Buttons

now attach two buttons to the opposite side and attach two straps of jeans at the margin according ur need . sry again my sewing quality is bad. now you can attach the straps to the buttons after u fold it. the fun part is gere cozz u can fold it with all the drill bits

Step 7: Size After Folding

Picture of Size After Folding

as you can see it these pics after folding and closing buttons the dimension is 4.7' x 6'. you can even carry it in your pocket .

Step 8: Finishing

Picture of Finishing

its looks like this. hope it helps thanks.


pfred2 (author)2015-05-23

I made myself a tool wrap out of a scrap piece of canvas a while back for some odds and ends paddle drill bits I have here. I keep it in a metal drill box. I just stitched it together by hand. I don't have a sewing machine. I thought about getting one after making that wrap though.

baecker03 (author)2015-05-23


BeachsideHank (author)2015-05-23

Tool Rolls are a terrific way to protect and transport precision items, there are times when a soft pack like this is better than a hard case, especially if some scrap Denim or canvas is available.

rottnjeep (author)2015-05-23

Good idea to re-use some old jeans. Denim is surprisingly tough material for this sort of project

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