This is pretty simple. This will show you how to make a super simple bomb type thing. Its actually pretty dangerous, so dont do it around people and you might want to wear gloves as it could explode as your screwing on the cap.

Step 1: Items Needed:

1. Bottle (different bottles have different breaking strengths, try one with a thinner layer of plastic)
2. Dry ice (Sometimes hard to find, i found mine at my local grocery store)
3. Water
4. Gloves (dry ice is cold obviously)

Step 2: Making the Dry Ice Bomb:

step 1. Fill the bottle with water (warm water works best)

step 2. drop a good sized piece of dry ice into the bottle

step 3. Quickly screw the cap on the bottle and run (or throw it)

step 4. Enjoy
isn't that illegal in some areas?
Yeah this is illegal in the U.S. I think so I'm not trying it.
<p>I fell you dog </p>
All the more reason to do it ;)
&nbsp;@ ripstikfan<br /> What? &quot;me do it allthetime&quot;? 1. failspeel. 2. You really should follow those laws. and ripstik &nbsp;= fail. <br /> <br /> Now that thats outta the way, best works in 2 litre bottles XD<br /> also consider that bigger amounts of dry ice wont mean a bigger&nbsp;explosion. It would be quicker to explode, and explode in your hands however enough vinger and bicarb will result in the same result. Its best if you under compress it, so that it wont explode by itself. In which you can simply through it at the ground cap first.<br /> <br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;-Cheers, Chris<br />
A piece of advice, dont stand close to it. I mean you can. But youll never hear the bang... just a loud ringing. OOOh and dont pack it in a cardboard box filled with packing peanuts.. The mess is a terribly annoying one to clean up.
who cares if its illegal?me do it allthetime
i think it is in sedona, maybe even cottonwood
poke a hole in the top to get a jet put a teeny hole and you have a rocket!
if u put a bucket over it....get some binoculars
I have some in my freezer im gonna have to do this. PS: I might make instructions on how to make a vinegar bomb or better version of this.
how could u keep dry ice in freezer? it will sublimate into gas
I didn't know what it was at the time sooo yeah.....
&nbsp;LOL, awesome<br /> <br />
wellyes but at least it slows the sublimination
if u do make a video(if possible)
i dont have a digital cam but i MIGHT be able to post pictures
ya the 2 liter and dry ice was fun me and my uncle tom did that.
me too. gunshot my nehibor thout it was.
i live in ireland how do i get some dry ice
what is dry ice ??? and where can i get it?
safeway, some harris teeters
it is frozen Co2 kroger-publix-bass pro shop-seafood places.
Where do you get dry ice? And how much does it cost? thanks!
you know its almost imposible to make dryice (i think)
its frozen Co2
if u could supercharge this it will make an excellent depth charge give ur friend a heart attck while ur having a nice swim.or u could fish on a shore with it. place out fish food then drop that in and it will kill/stun any nerby fish. lol im going to go do that.
i saw this on WWW.dangerouslyfun.com
this sounds pretty cool i want to try this i hope it goes well :)
ok guys i read some comments and if no one else has given answers i will 1.dry ice is negative 100 something degrees.so it sublimes wherever u put it. 2.use hot water if u can becuz if u use room temperature the water will freeze around the dry ice and less gas will build up. 3.dry ice is available at a lot of seafood stores,otherwise u need to get it from a special store that are kinda hard to find. 4.and just a tip,when ur crushing the dry ice,put a towel over it cuz if one of those little pieces lands on u. IT HURTS LIKE CRAP
You can even get dry ice at your local raleys or safeway
do any of u peps no how to make dry ice
CO2 Its carbon-dioxide in its solid form you could either make it extremely cold or put it under extreme extreme pressure (the companies that make it use both...I think) So its not really something you can do at home.
place it in a cold place such as a freezer. You need to make it 80 degrees below, though. At 80 degrees under water/ice will within 5 minutes be dry ice. Try it.
water will not become dry as as <em>Dry ice</em> is solid carbon dioxide and please find me a freezer that is -80 degrees C<br/>
"Water" ice has absolutely nothing to do with "Dry ice" - the former is dihydrogen monoxide; the latter is carbon dioxide. Dihydrogen monoxide has a freezing temperature of 0 °C/32 °F/273 K, wheras carbon dioxide has a freezing temperature of about −79 °C/ −109 °F/194 K.
making dry ice at home is easy, <strong>IF</strong> you have a CO2 container with a large enough valve. Put a bowl or whatever under the opening turn the valve on full as the gas rushes out it is going from very high pressure to low pressure, this causes it to cool enough to form dry ice, or solid CO2.<br/><br/>(temperature volume and pressure are related, a rapid decrase in pressure of the gas causes a rapid decrease in temperature.)<br/>
you might be able to do it if you had some sort of container and a co2 tank for a paint ball gun. I haven't tried it personally but I'm sure if you had that right fittings and some way of getting the co2 to compact into the container it would work.
I once saw it being sold at Walmart
Yes dry ice bombs are fun, but they are also a felony in TX :( its like this. Dry ice bombs are bombs, bombs are arson, and arson is a felony
This is always fun they taught us how to do this with a 2 liter water bottle in 6th grade
they sell at gas stores also
i had dry ice once and if u hold it too long it burns like heck and i made this by accident and it blew uo in my hands (no injuries except 2 puncture wounds)
dry ice bombs are fun if you use a 2 liter bottle and you set a garbage can upside down over it before it blows. it can send the can about 50 feet into the air. dont say i'm lying because ive seen this with my own eyes.
As <em>crapflinger</em> stated, there are much safer ways to &quot;...see things go boom...&quot;. If you want to risk some personal injury (however unlikely) and do this instructable, place the bottle a safe distance away from human contact, and if it doesn't explode, shoot it with a bb gun to release the pressure. Never leave anything like this unmonitored. I personally stay away from things that can blow your hand off (or leave you with plastic shrapnel embedded in your skin). One way to get your kicks is to build a flash pot, and use green dot (smokeless) powder in it (it's not quite as powerful as black powder, so you're less likely to burn something down, or blow something up). <br/>
market place
By the way, the hoter the water, the faster the reaction. I know this from experience.
Did this at school once.
In minnesota there used to be only one place (in the cities) that sold it, but in New Mexico it is at almost any grocery store.

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