Dry Ice Bomb





Introduction: Dry Ice Bomb

This is pretty simple. This will show you how to make a super simple bomb type thing. Its actually pretty dangerous, so dont do it around people and you might want to wear gloves as it could explode as your screwing on the cap.

Step 1: Items Needed:

1. Bottle (different bottles have different breaking strengths, try one with a thinner layer of plastic)
2. Dry ice (Sometimes hard to find, i found mine at my local grocery store)
3. Water
4. Gloves (dry ice is cold obviously)

Step 2: Making the Dry Ice Bomb:

step 1. Fill the bottle with water (warm water works best)

step 2. drop a good sized piece of dry ice into the bottle

step 3. Quickly screw the cap on the bottle and run (or throw it)

step 4. Enjoy



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    Yeah this is illegal in the U.S. I think so I'm not trying it.

    All the more reason to do it ;)

     @ ripstikfan
    What? "me do it allthetime"? 1. failspeel. 2. You really should follow those laws. and ripstik  = fail.

    Now that thats outta the way, best works in 2 litre bottles XD
    also consider that bigger amounts of dry ice wont mean a bigger explosion. It would be quicker to explode, and explode in your hands however enough vinger and bicarb will result in the same result. Its best if you under compress it, so that it wont explode by itself. In which you can simply through it at the ground cap first.

      -Cheers, Chris

    A piece of advice, dont stand close to it. I mean you can. But youll never hear the bang... just a loud ringing. OOOh and dont pack it in a cardboard box filled with packing peanuts.. The mess is a terribly annoying one to clean up.

    i think it is in sedona, maybe even cottonwood

    poke a hole in the top to get a jet put a teeny hole and you have a rocket!

    if u put a bucket over it....get some binoculars

    I have some in my freezer im gonna have to do this. PS: I might make instructions on how to make a vinegar bomb or better version of this.

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    how could u keep dry ice in freezer? it will sublimate into gas

    I didn't know what it was at the time sooo yeah.....

    if u do make a video(if possible)

    i dont have a digital cam but i MIGHT be able to post pictures

    ya the 2 liter and dry ice was fun me and my uncle tom did that.

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