Picture of duct tape raft
Raft made by my scout troop and I using only duct tape and cardboard. 
Transported to camp and home in trailer on top of all our gear.
We were quite a sight on the highway,  2 hour trip - everyone looking at us the entire time.
At camp it took 5 of us to get it on to our trailer and pull it across camp down a steep hill.
We used for a week at camp and it never sank! 
Bought it home the same way and it's still intact and really to go again!
Weighed about 300 pounds and took $150 to make.
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Step 1: Bottom tubes

Picture of bottom tubes
Step 1:  We use large cardboard tubes, used in construction for making concrete pillars and wrapped them with duct tape.
then used cardboard cut into triangles to make the tips and wrapped in duct tape.

Step 2: Flooring

Picture of flooring
Next we used smaller tubes and did the same.

Step 3: Attaching floor

Picture of attaching floor
summer camp 2010 019.JPG
summer camp 2010 025.JPG
Step 3: We lashed each smaller tubes to each other using duct tape.(square lashings)
             We then connected the smaller tubes ( raft floor) to the larger tubes ( floatation ) with duct tape by wrapping each small tube     together between the large tubes.

Step 4: Added a cannon

Picture of added a cannon

Attached cannon on floor of raft using duct tape lashings.

Just wondering because It seems slightly likely. But were the pixs taken at Sand Hill Scout reservation? cause the set up of the cam and the general look is very familiar.
Chirpoff3 years ago
I... think your going to win! :D Good job on the raft! +1 vote! Congrats in advance on whatever you get! :D
gutarmani (author)  Chirpoff3 years ago
Lorddrake3 years ago
did you make oars for it too or did you just pole it around?
gutarmani (author)  Lorddrake3 years ago
two of us stood up and paddled it like a venice boat ride
does the cannon actually shoot and good luck in the contest
gutarmani (author)  DIY and STUFF3 years ago
we didn't get the chance to test it but most likely yes
gutarmani (author) 3 years ago
Sorry for the spelling errors i did at 12 at night so i was not paying much attention and no don't have any pics of it in the water but i know some one that may have some i will see.
Spelling errors happen... even to the grammatically-obsessed. I think everyone NEW what you meant. ;-)

The raft is great! 5 Stars!!!

I'd love to see it in use.
gutarmani (author)  bajablue3 years ago
im going to try to find some pics of us on it and the boat still works
That's great! Everyone would love to see them. You and your friends did a seriously fantastic job on this raft!
mikeasaurus3 years ago
Were you 'rapping' while you were making this, or wrapping with duct tape?
Any pictures of it in the water?

The cannon looks cool, is it functional like the one in Mythbusters?
gutarmani (author)  mikeasaurus3 years ago
yes it is but its not all duct tape is also strong cardboard.
l8nite3 years ago
rapping is what the untalented call their attempts at chanting poetry, I believe you were Wrapping the tubes in duct tape, maybe the scouts need a spelling badge.

Sorry I had to go there, this is a totally awesome build ! I bet you and your friends had a great time using it.
l8nite, I think you're confusing rappers with Beatniks, but eh, I don't like to split hairs.

Gutarmani, this looks awesome. Make a second, integrate water balloon catapult mechanisms into your cannons, and boom - summer camp chaos. Very cool project, though. Kudos.
gutarmani (author)  valhallas_end3 years ago
we did make a trebuchet and a catapult on a different event the trebuchet launched a 10 pound log about 300 feet.
we wanted to make the cannon in the pic shoot out a fire work but they didnt allow us to.
WOW, that's A LOT of duct tape. Total win.
gutarmani (author)  thedude0001213 years ago
about 20 rolls