In this instructable I will be showing you how to make simple but useful ducktape wallets. I have been making these every  sense I was a little kid. I still make them today, but mainly for friends and for gifts. Over timeI have learned to add change pockets, more paper money slots, and places to store credit cards and drivers license. Today though I will show you a simple two card pocket ducttape wallet. 

Step 1: materials and tools

To make a ducttape wallet you well need a small list of tools and material. These Items are a a roll of your choice of brand and color ducttape, a tape measure or paper dollar, and scissors. When it comes to buying ducttape I normally go with the normal gray, although I have made many colorful wallets in the past. What really matters when buying the tape thought is the quality and thickness. When buying ducttape don't buy cheap thin tape because it will only cause you trouble when you try to ripe it. Always go with a tape that has a tight weave and is a fairly thick (In ducttape terms of course).
This is soo cool! You should try making an wallet thats newspaper styled. :)
thanks.your instructions were very helpfull.i think your guitar wallet is pretty cool.i made a wallet using leopard skin duct tape.it turned out better than i expected.
try ripping the tape instead of using scissors. It will give the finished product a way better look.

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