Step 2: Bottom Ring

Making the bottom ring/the base of the cup.
1. Cut a piece of tape 7-8 inches long.
2. Fold the piece of tape in half lengthwise or hotdog style.
3. Bend into a ring shape and tape so that it stays in that shape.

If it does not leak like you say :P Great!!! *****
My cup was a miserable failure
Great idea, I always wanted to make one of these but out of plastic. Any suggestions?
Thanks, You could try making rings of plastic like I did with the duct tape. Then make them telescope by placing the rings inside eachother. May work with just a plain old plastic cup cut into rings. If you used a plastic cup you could try taping/glueing cups together to make it thicker and more durable.
Wouldn't this leak if you filled it with water ??
Well if it does leak it's easy to fix. you just find the ring that the water is coming from, take it out and wrap it in a piece of tape. The piece that you wrapped it in should be cut in half lengthwise. I forgot to put this in the instructable.
Wow! Nice!
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Wow, what a cool idea!

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