Duct Tape Grips for Any Device




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Introduction: Duct Tape Grips for Any Device

i get tired of accidentally dropping things because i hold them to loosely. so i made duct tape grips

Step 1: The Base

you will need to put a strip of duct tape on the back of your device as a base. just rip and apply

Step 2:

now take a strip of duct tape 150% longer than the one you just applied and rip it in half length wise. then you put them together, sticky sides facing each other. 

Step 3: The Tabs

now take a square of duct tape and rip it in half. these will fasten your handle to the device. then tape them to the strip you ripped out earlier. 

Step 4:

put the strip with the tabs on it on the device and your done. 



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    Thanks for this simple and easy idea! It is a lifechanger for those of us with neuropathy. It gives me so many ideas.... :-)