For the duct tape contest, I made a duct tape bed.This was a fun thing to make but, you have to make it to your size.I made mine about 5'5"in. long because im 11 and not very tall so...enjoy.

Step 1: Parts

heres what you need to make it

Around 3 rolls of duct/duck tape

2 3ft.ish thick dowels

around 10ft. of rope to be safe

aaaannd... inspiration has struck
This is awsome i want to try this for a mission trip im going on this summer . I LOVE DUCT TAPE!!!!!!!
Nice little 'ible. You could do with improving the images a bit - they look dark to me, but at least they're in focus !!!<br><br>Steve
yeah the flash on my camera was broken so it wasn't that bright.

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Bio: my name is matthew and i like airsofting and building stuff
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