now i know many of the duct tape hat instructables have been disappointingly used cardboard. this instructables shows the basic way to create almost any hat out of only duct tape. once you make one duct tape hat you will always know how to make them.

Step 1: The materials

Picture of the materials
duct tape
duct tape '
oh and i almost forgot about duct tape.

now the tools your gonna need (if any you really shouldn't need anything but the tape) is scissors

Great Instructable!

duct tape hat + Duct tape Bowtie = Sir

:D This is awesome, since i don't like using hats and just covering them in duct tape. Now I can use ONLY duct tap!
Great job!! The outcome looks awesome.
Mr.19113 years ago
l like how original this idea is. I also like the only duct tape. 5*
skitzthecat (author)  Mr.19113 years ago
honestly that was the reason i created this instructable. i was tired of seeing hats that contained cardboard or the worst- another hat. this is just the style i figured out.
I know what you mean. Why would I take a perfectly good boonie hat and cover it w/ duct tape? I could understand a torn one, but unused is just silly.
Mr.1911 Mr.19113 years ago
I forgot, I like how self-explanatory your pics are.
Legolord4 years ago
Epic (in a couple of hours,the sun will rise :)
skitzthecat (author)  Legolord4 years ago
oh legoryan oh legoryan. (myeh)
splazem4 years ago