Picture of duct tape pup tent
 for the duct tape tough contest i was thinking what i could do, not another clothing item, nor a duct tape rose. what about some sort of camp facility, for my dog? it seemed plausible, had lots of pros, and wouldn't cost a fortune.

in this instructable I will show you how to make a duct tape dog house. this is water proof and holds heat well so there is no worry of your dog getting wet in the middle of the night and, as mentioned before, wont empty your piggy bank to do. this was made for my 21 inch high dog, i used his bed to get the lengths so make sure the measurements are correct before you use this much duct tape.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
yes 336.JPG
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1. duct tape
2. a flat, smooth and hard space to work with
3. a tape measure
4. a utility knife
5. scissors
6. time

Step 2: Schematics and algebra!

Picture of schematics and algebra!
so how much duct tape? well, the design is 3 2x3 sheets  and  2x2. sheets. but if you don't care about algebra, i needed 4 rolls

sides and bottom: LxW (6^2 feet)x3=18^2 feet

front and back: LxW (4^2 feet )=4^2 feet

now we ad those together and get 22^2 feet. then we cross multiply to get,

x=3168^2 inches of duct tape now we double that because the duct tape sheets are double sided so we get 6336^2 inches of duct tape needed for the tent. now to get the amount of rolls needed. the rolls i use are 60 yd x 1.88 inches

60x3 ( to get feet)=180

180x12 (to get inches)=2160 inchesx1.5(accounting for the approximate overlap of 1/3 of an inch)=3240^2 inches.

now we divide the total needed by the amount per role and we get,
6336/3240=2 rolls plus adjustments and tailoring about 3-4 rolls

Step 3: Laying the sheets, part one

Picture of laying the sheets, part one
before we go on we need to make the frame. this keeps the sheets as uniform as possible. after making the 2x3 sheets cut a foot off the 3 foot strip for the 2x2 sheet.
sk8erfreeks2 years ago
Add a flynet shield for air, lantern and a zipper door
lrwelling3 years ago
You can make a bigger, lighter tent using 2-3 rolls of clear duct tape and 3
space blankets. I made this over a weekend, and it was the best overall tent we used at Philmont. Credit goes to Al Geist for excellent instructions.
IdahoDavid4 years ago
I can't see what the other end looks like, but I assume it is open. If not, please be careful not to seal it up too tight. Unlike the cloth in tents duct tape doesn't breathe and any living thing intside this could suffocate.
the "wow shammy" (author)  IdahoDavid4 years ago
yeah, it's not sealed. i used the excess from the back sheet to make flaps. even if i do add a zipper the bottom will still be open. this is a picture of the front "door"
how long is it