Step 6: Making the Tent

now that we have our 2 2x3 taped at the middle we stand the whole thing up on the 2x2. after that take a sharpie or such and make a mark at the top of the triangle. use a straight edge to draw a line from the mark to the bottom corners of the 2x2 sheet. cut off the excess so you have a triangle and set aside the cut off, we'll use those later.
Add a flynet shield for air, lantern and a zipper door
You can make a bigger, lighter tent using 2-3 rolls of clear duct tape and 3 <br>space blankets. I made this over a weekend, and it was the best overall tent we used at Philmont. Credit goes to Al Geist for excellent instructions. <br> http://www.csm.ornl.gov/~geist/Philmont/2-man-shelter.pdf <br>
I can't see what the other end looks like, but I assume it is open. If not, please be careful not to seal it up too tight. Unlike the cloth in tents duct tape doesn't breathe and any living thing intside this could suffocate.
yeah, it's not sealed. i used the excess from the back sheet to make flaps. even if i do add a zipper the bottom will still be open. this is a picture of the front &quot;door&quot;
how long is it

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