To start it off i use an old tshirt i never use and cut it on one side so i have a blank slate to wrap.i put tape on blank shirt slate so i have a nice soft lining inside.

Step 1: Stencil and Cutting

once i had it all nice and smoothly taped i trimmed it to be all straight edges. i made a stencil out of posterboard for the leg holes i used a plate and drew half the circle. cut that out and go to a private area and try it on to see how comfortable it is. you will probably need to trim the corners around the legs so you dont get poked
I'm really kind of curious about the shorts. Did you ever make some, and if so, could you give me instructions? I'm getting into the textile thing at the request of my girlfriend, and duct tape shorts etc, seem like something she might like.
never made any shorts because of the amount of material i had <br>i used a tshirt i never wore and cut it up <br>you could go get some from a store and it would be like 2 bucks a square foot i think <br>what you would want to do is make a square or rectangle depending on how long (or short) you want them then make a rounded top triangle <br>make two of them then joining them together with duct tape but use the tape vertically when making it so when you join them it would look out of place or have rough edges <br>you will need measurements or a good guess cause when you tape the fabric it doesnt have any give at all
Why would you want to wear a duck tape thong? Wouldn't that be really uncomfortable?
haha<br>these are just panties i attempted to make shorts but i didnt make the sheet big enough so i just made these but thongs are actually pretty comfortable just take getting used to not having anything really behind you except pants and a thin strip or fabric

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