Picture of duct-tape shoes
Here is an Instructable on how to make a pair of shoes out of duct-tape. Different colored duct-tape can be used for this, but I used just the normal, gray color because that is all I had when the idea came to me.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
These are the materials that you will need:
- duct-tape
- scissors (only if available. I think that this instructable would be very handy in a situation where shoes may not be available and that will probably mean that other things like scissors may not be available either. Who knows what type of scenario you might be in that may require you to know how to make a pair of duct-tape shoes)
- sole inserts from an old pair of shoes
- marker

Step 2: The back of the shoe

Picture of The back of the shoe
1) Put your foot on the sole insert and make a mark with a marker on each side of the sole where you want the top of the shoe to end. Do this for both of the sole inserts at this time.
2) Cut a piece of duct-tape that is long enough to go around the heel and about an inch past each marking that you made on the sole insert.
3) Carefully wrap the piece of duct-tape around the outer edge of the sole.
4) With multiple small pieces of duct-tape cover up the sticky parts of the back of the shoe.
0thats different and cool....good job
rschack (author)  trueconfederate3 years ago
Thanks :)