Duct Tape Wallet Designs




Introduction: Duct Tape Wallet Designs

Hello everyone, these are some of my wallet designs that I have come up with. 

Picture #1 Basic wallet - this wallet is one of my first wallets and it is just a basic wallet

PROS none 

CONS too thick, not enough pockets    

Picture #2 This is my 2nd wallet and it has a water tight ziplock money pocket in it.  It is very compact.  

PROS  thin design,  water tight pocket

CONS cards can fall out easy

Picture #3 This is my 3rd wallet and it has a snap pocket and 3 card slots 

PROS snap pocket pretty thin

CONS hard to take money out and put it back in, ugly design

Picture #4 This is my 4th wallet. It is my best design so far.  It has a snap pocket and a water tight pocket.  It has a secret pocket on the bottom.  It has an ID slot and it has a key chain loop on top and a glow in the dark strip on the back so you can see it in the dark. 

PROS glow in the dark strip, water tight pocket, key chain loop and secret pocket

CONS hard to take money in and out,  too big

Picture #5  This is my 5th wallet.  It is super small and it has a water tight pocket. 

PROS  super small, water tight pocket

CONS not enough pockets






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