Step 2: Creat the Wallet

you will need: four 7.5 in. strips.
1.take one piece of tape, put it on its back, with sticky side up, and put another attached to it. (put one on top of the other)
2.take the new double-sided piece and line it's side up to a ruler, then take the third piece in your hand and attach it to the piece you just lined up 3 and 1/4 inches down.
3.take the fourth piece and put it on top of the sticky side of the 3rd piece.
you are finished with a side of the wallet!

<p><strong>I can't believe I will be trusted with money and fire!</strong> This is the <strong>greatest moment</strong> of my life, unless there is an instructable with a <strong><em>flaming-knife wallet</em></strong>. Then this will be the <strong>second best moment</strong> of my life!</p>
how much is the lighter fluid and where can i get it
My mom probably wouldn't approve of the thought of me carrying a fire wallet with me but i think it's an awesome idea!
Thanks! ^_^ Tell your mom that its completely safe! -As long as your not an idiot...
nice instructable but instead of a lighter u could just go to a dollar store and buy a cheep lighter were the top just pops off but over all pretty good
Thanks! Good idea!
<p>Theoretically, you should be able to use the flint striker only.&nbsp; just pull it out of the lighter casing and attach it a little closer to the sock.&nbsp; Great 'ible.&nbsp; I had seen one of these for sale somewhere (Vampfangs, i think)&nbsp; and wondered how they worked.</p>
thanks, and yes, i think you could do that. i saw this product on magicgeek.com and wanted it very bad, but didn't have the money. guess this is what happens if you are desperate!<br />

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