Introduction: Dust Bombs

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Dust bombs that will make whomever gets shot start coughing like crazy.

Step 1: What You Will Need

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1. party poppers (20 cents)
2. baking powder (1 dollar 29 cents)
3. a knife
4. fish line (optional)
5. ducttape (optional)
6. a spoon
7. airsoft ammo (optional)

Step 2: Removing the Lid

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Take your knife and slide it under the lid. Gently pull up on the knife and pull out the lid.

Step 3: Filling Time

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Take your spoon and scoop up a little bit of baking powder. Put it in the popper and fill it to the top.

Step 4: Putting on the Lid

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The lid isn't very easy to put on. make sure that it doesn't go down to far. place it in so that it is just under the lip.

Step 5: Other Uses

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one other use is to booby trap a door. attach the fishing line to the detonator on the party popper, and ducttape the other end of the fish line to the door. then put ducttape on the popper and attach it to the door frame. or you can attach it to your gun. i put them on my nerf-airsoft can also add airsoft ammo to this and make an airsoft shotgun sort-of thing.


20kdk (author)2014-06-17

Not as much dust as i expected but pretty good.

Aron313 (author)2012-03-04

What was the video haha! :D Check out my airsoft land mines!

Everett_McKinley (author)2011-08-15

They make good airsoft tripwire claymors too. ;-D

Everett_McKinley (author)2011-08-15

Fancy baking powder.

muberblob (author)2011-06-06

where can i get party poppers in canada

hyunwoolim (author)2010-12-20

what would happen if u put gun powder? i mean in an order of trigger = some paper with wax (to delay fuse) = gunpowder (from fire crackers) = lid
would it be like a loud hand held 5second grenade or a fancy fire cracker on the ground? or would it back fire because of the force of the fuse blocked by the paper + wax?

kve23 (author)hyunwoolim2011-02-01

i made one with gunpowder and singed my sisters hair it makes a big fireball

hyunwoolim (author)2010-12-20

can i like, lit the fuse and leave it on the ground like a mine instead of you-know, pulling it?

codongolev (author)2008-08-31

warning: flour is flammable, so when you do this make sure you know that the dust cloud could turn into a big fireball.

codongolev (author)codongolev2010-04-12

mythbusters coffee creamer explosion.

ToddisI (author)codongolev2010-08-07

My favorite wythbuster moment.

minerug (author)codongolev2008-09-12

Flour is barely flammible

finnster (author)minerug2008-09-14

not when used correctly, it can be insanely flammable

airsoftmaniac (author)finnster2009-01-06

no you thinking of coffee whitener

finnster (author)airsoftmaniac2009-01-07

Both can be flammable, it's just harder to make flour go off.

dungeon runner (author)finnster2010-04-12

As my father has told me, flour has to be properly ionized to be explosive. How this is accomplished was left to ambiguity.

codongolev (author)airsoftmaniac2009-01-07

no, flour factories have exploded before. it happens.

That would be hard to explain to somone how you lost your job at the flour factory.

Rock Soldier (author)finnster2009-02-23

like when you mix gas with it to make flamable dough to make a flamable cake?
or am I just guessing

Holy Crap! Happy Birthday Mom Mwhahahahahaha

codongolev (author)Thundertydus2009-04-23

well, then the flour changes chemically and physically and is no longer explosive...

smashbob (author)codongolev2009-06-25

but then its just the gas! same affect!

codongolev (author)Rock Soldier2009-02-24

um, as in if it's in the air. if it's together, it would just smolder because it doesn't have oxygen.

damo97 (author)finnster2009-01-30

how du get it to burn good

codongolev (author)damo972009-02-08

mix it with air. you have to have it in a huge cloud to ignite. which is why christmas trees burn well. it's because there's lots of airspace.

czenob (author)codongolev2009-05-02

yep and also some people dont water trees and they get very dry kaboom

codongolev (author)czenob2009-05-06

put fireworks in your christmas tree then light it. it's awesome.

lasermaster3531 (author)damo972009-02-15

it is called a dust explosion. i took a bike valve from a tire and stuck it in a funnel. then i added a bike pump, some flour, and a lit match above the lip of the funnel. pump away!!!!!! it makes a good mushroom cloud.

Stealth004 (author)damo972009-02-13

Well, just use a siff or something and siff it over a fire, then all the tiny particles burn up. but it must be a very fine power, like sawdust, some types of flour, but personally I like coffe creamer, leaves a mess behind but works quite well. I also heard this other powder, a chemical kind can produce massive fireballs. Ps: Search up "sawdust cannon" to see examples of massive fireballs.

minerug (author)Stealth0042009-02-13

I Believe you mean sift the stuff over the fire?

codongolev (author)finnster2008-09-14

you can blow flour from your mouth over a flame and make a fireball.... it's fun and safer than alcohol (and legal, for us under-21 types).

coffee creamer is even more dangerous


rickyd! (author)codongolev2009-02-08


codongolev (author)rickyd!2009-02-08


AznPanda (author)codongolev2009-03-01

No that is a big boom.
AznPanda (author)minerug2009-03-01

No flour is extremely flammable just many do not know how to make it flammable >.> its quite easy but i won't say cuz u'll try it.. and yeah..

~Aeronous~ (author)codongolev2009-08-13

thats bull*&%!

sharlston (author)codongolev2009-04-28


Rock Soldier (author)codongolev2009-02-23

that would be cool!
In like some unflamable room...
with me in a different room looking through a fire-proof window...

codongolev (author)Rock Soldier2009-02-24

or outside.

BombermanBob (author)codongolev2008-09-01

its cool but not very useful . still be fun though

finnster (author)codongolev2008-08-31

no offense, but i allready said that

xZCodmaNZx (author)2008-03-16

my dad thought i was choaking!!

wildar97 (author)xZCodmaNZx2010-07-14

on what

Big Bubba (author)xZCodmaNZx2008-03-16


saltpepper88 (author)2010-05-23



pryoman1 (author)2010-04-14

Ground red pepper ouch hehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehe

dzr (author)2008-12-21

wat if u dont have air soft ammo

finnster (author)dzr2008-12-21

salt, or any small pellets or pieces/chunks of things

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