This is a project that uses many recycled materials. We start by scraping a broken printer or scanner looking for a motor that can be used to generate energy. I made a back light with red LEDs but the same motor could power white LEDs for the front.

Please don't mind the fliptops with socks. This was made at the rural hacklab Nuvem - nuvem.tk

Step 1: The Printer

Open the printer with a screwdriver and a hex nut driver, and basically dismantle the whole thing. You might need to break some of the plastic pieces. In any printer there are many useful parts for DIY such as axes, sprockets, chains.

Love the cork idea - perfect for the job
gonna have to try this, just got a new bike for my wife and I, and trailer for my kid, save a lot of money on batteries with flashlights <br>
5 is not odd, it means that the 2 common leads are combined to 1 common lead
Brilliant use of old junk. Nice ible. <br>
Thanks for this clever instrucable. <br>I'm not much of a byke electrician, so I'll trust the electrical components are adequate. <br> <br>Now, let's talk about your choice for wine...
Love this. I harvest old printers for parts like crazy, but this is a genius application.

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