Here is dynno97's MKB42. I give him 90% credit because i added a semi auto mech.

Step 1: Stock

Here is the stock. Build it.

Step 2: Handle

Here is the handle. Build it.

Step 3: Fake Mag

Here is the fake mag. Build it.

Step 4: Semi-Auto Mechanism

Here is the semi auto mechanism. Build it.

Step 5: Fake Barrel

Here is the fake barrel. Build it.

Step 6: Assembly

Here we assemble the gun.

Step 7: Final Notes

load the gun as you would a normal rbg. Play with is sensibly and don't kill anyone.
best gun id ever built!!!!<br /> <br /> good job and good looking<br />
&nbsp;I love it too, I just wish I came up with a semi oddo mag...
it youd be could<br />
&nbsp;A what?
why is it called fake mag????????????
every body go see my new gun. just click on my pick and click on my post<br />
Hey thats pretty good! <br />
Uhmm&nbsp; how would you shoot and load this gun??<br />
Can u tell me wut size of rubber bands i should use? I'm having probs with that xD<br />
&nbsp;i dont really like this gun, i might have done sumthin wrong, but it wasn't working very good...
You could make the mag real, and it would be pseudo semi auto.
Yeah but i took the gun apart.
does that mag hold ammo, because i just don't see the point of one that big, unless you have a really fast full auto
No its just for looks.
Other than that its good! Thanks! Saves me an hour of work
Your welcome.
You are missing the sights on top
Yeah i know

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