stop your bagless cyclone ball design hoover from smelling like burnt hair and molten plastic.
flat material,(i used aluminium but a plastic rule will work.)
an old windscreen wiper (or  something squeegee style)
hot glue
car body filler
something to cut your flat material
t8 driver(persistence with a flat head will do the job)
side cutters or scissors
spatula (optional)

incidentally its mums birthday today

Step 1: Self Destruct! 'we Have Patented That As Well'

hair got near the non drive end tangled and created heat melting the plastic that holds the bearing. if replacing bear in mind they will only sell the complete head (including motor roller case) cost about £50,
I' afraid your putty will catch hair as well and make a nice clogging bundle that may be worse than the original with the brush.
!!? fear not vince, here is a picture of one month later.i would have described the unclog process of the no moving parts system however there was not a clog to un
Fantastic then ! <br>Now I have no fear. :D <br>thanks for posting !&hellip;

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