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Introduction: Altoids Tin S'Mores Pocket Snack Kit

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If you crave melted, gooey chocolate & marshmallow with the graham cracker crunch of s'mores, now you can take some with you wherever you go! It's so easy and fun to put these together. You'll have s'mores in no time.
Perfect to use on ebqbbqmaster's fabulous eBQ as seen here.
Or lo-tec's Alcohol burning stove as seen here.
If you don't have an eBQ or Altoids tin stove to fire up, you can walk around with this in your pocket. It will melt just right, after about 1/2 hour or so on a hot day. Or put on hot asphalt, on top of a gas or electric burner, under the broiler, in the engine or dashboard of a car, on a heater or wood stove or propane torch Always cook with common sense and caution!.
In any case it is sure to bring smiles and s'more smiles! Grill on! It's just the right size for one, so bring two! To share! All you need is a tin, parchment paper or aluminum foil, graham crackers, chocolate squares, mini marshmallows, an Altoids tin stove or grill, hot pocket or other heat source.

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Step 1: First, Line Tin.

If you intend on using this cooking technique, be sure and line your Altoids tin with parchment paper or aluminum foil for easy cleanup. Measure around the tin adding 1/2" around the edges. Cut out with scissors and fit into the bottom. Cut parchment to fit the top lid too.

Step 2: Add the Crunch First!

Line the bottom of the tin with graham crackers. Break them to fit the entire bottom.

Step 3: Gooey Goodness

Add the chocolate squares right on top of the graham crackers. Break in half to fit all the way across.

Step 4: Top It Off!

Top the chocolate off with some well place mini marshmallows. You can fill the space all up. They will squish down when the tin is closed.

Step 5: Close, Cook, Enjoy!

Close the top firmly making sure the little latches catch. Fire up the eBQ and wait until the coals are ready. Put tin on top of eBQ and cook 2-3 min. depending on heat being thrown from hot coals. Be sure and use tongs or a hot pad to remove from fire. Cool until you can handle comfortably by hand. Open, eat & enjoy.
Alternatively, you can torch the top of the marshmallows with a flame (propane torch) until they burst into flames. Snap shut the lid tight and carefully. Let sit until cool enough to handle. Open, eat and enjoy!

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    23 Discussions

    As a vegetarian who doesn't eat regular marshmallows, they contain gelatin, this would be amazing for vegan marshmallows. Just imagine - I could enjoy S'mores once again!
    Vegan marshmallows are a bit more fragile than regular ones so roasting on a stick isn't a great option.

    wat u could also do is just put the marshmelows and choclate in, let it heat up from sun or cooking it and store inside it a tiny spoon n then after the chocolate and marshmelow is melted stir the 2 ingrediatents with the tiny spoon to make a really good thick syrupy snack!

    1 reply

    I would be cautious of any galvanization or similar treatment the metal in the tin may have underwent and and how that would affect your food when heated...

    5 replies

    Is there an instructable for that? I heard microwaving those marshmallow peeps can be quite the side show event!

    Flashlint, honestly. It's just really for amusement purposes only. :)) But that is why I lined it with parchment paper first.

    It seems it would work as a solar heated s'more cooker, either directly ( in a box with plastic or saran type film; box lined with foil) or indirectly (Place on a heated asphalt driveway, or between bricks left in the sun to pre-heat. A good 'solar' or 'green' s'more maker, needing no fuel except solar (but not much use around a campfire at night....

    shouldnt the marshmallow be on the bottom and the graham cracker be on top so the marshmallow melts

    Traditionally, the marshmallow would be between the cracker and chocolate after being toasted over the fire. For aesthetics sake, I put them on top and browned them up with a torch for the picture. But technically, yes, you are right! Or you can cook the tin on it's lid.

    How do I enamel something? I built an amazing stove, but the tin will just melt when used. HELP!

    That is freaking brilliant. I cannot believe I didn't think of this...cuz i r so smert. But really, great idea. Should make for some yummy treats for the chirrens here in Texas, especially this time of year (June-November).