Picture of eReader Cover Mod for B&N Nook
My wife loves her Barnes and Noble Nook eReader, but wanted a case to put it in. I looked at several DIY solutions, but she ended up finding this really nice cover on super clearance at Kohl's. It has pockets inside for notes or credit cards, so she could use it as a wallet as well. The problem is that it was designed for a larger tablet so the elastic bands didn't fit her Nook. We got the cover anyway, and I went to work on finding a solution to make it work for her Nook.

As a side note, this is why we got an eReader and not a Nook. It doesn't really have anything to do with the mod, but I thought I would mention it in case anyone cares. My wife was on the fence for a long time about getting an eReader. She loves her books, and didn't know if she would miss the feel of a real one. However, packing multiple books every time we go somewhere was getting to be a hassle. She had a few reasons for not wanting a full tablet, and I agreed with her on all of them.
  1. Battery life is much longer in an eReader than a tablet.
  2. The eInk display is visible in bright light; as opposed to a typical LCD which would have to have its brightness on maximum to be seen, draining the battery even more.
  3. She only wants it to read books. Every person we know with a tablet who says they are going to use it read any format of book always ends up wasting time with stupid games or refreshing their email for an hour instead.
  4. It has a built in light to allow reading in the dark which doesn't hurt your eyes like staring at a bright LCD.
  5. We have smart phones, why waste money on a tablet?
Now, on to the instructable!
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takesh1 year ago
Hello everyone -
Excellent -
These are examples and ideas -
Ysabeau1 year ago
My own solution is to have another e-reader that came with its own cover :-). But you did a great job and your instructable is perfect. It is really clever and there are good ideas that I might steal for other projects.
Kurt E. Clothier (author)  Ysabeau1 year ago
I guess that works too!
Very clever!
Thank you so much.