A DIY eReader cover that looks like a hard-back book! The design can be adapted for tablets :)

The covers available for purchase for eReaders and the like are all a bit blah, and rather $pendy. So I rolled my own, and now you can too!

This eReader cover was made for a SONY PRST2. 

Step 1:

Stuff you will need:
- Sheet of rigid cardboard or thin masonite (~ A4 size)
- Fabric suitable for outer cover (~ A4 size)
- Paper for inner (~ A4 size)
- Approximately 60cm of thin flat elastic (~ 5mm width)
- Cutting tools
- PVA glue
- Measuring tools
- Marking tools
- Small eyelets, punch and setter, hammer (n=8 eyelets)
- Your chosen device. 

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