ETextiles: How to Make a Pressure Sensor


Introduction: ETextiles: How to Make a Pressure Sensor

How to make a soft circuit pressure sensor from conductive fabric, velostat and fabric.

conductive fabric and velostat from LessEMF.

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    Do you know some material to replace Velostat?

    thanks for the great instructable!

    question on the fabric it the Stretch Conductive Fabric (Cat. #A321) from lessEMF?

    I assume that any of the conductived fabrics from sparkfun would work as well? (medtex130, 180 and ripstop?)

    Thanks in advance :)

    2 replies

    Super Stretch Lycra Conductive Fabric from LessEMF 52" wide $30/ft
    52" x 12" = 624inches square for $30
    Thats a good price.

    The stretch fabric is important if the sensor will be used LOTS!
    This is because it 'repairs' itself by shrinking up around the hole.
    Its all very microscopic.

    If you are testing and making simple projects - try any conductive fabric. It will most likely work.

    If the project is a well used retail project - make sure you use (and the manufacturer used) a stretch conductive lycra.

    For beginners - get LessEMF fabric sample kit for $10. Tell them the sample must contain - list your specific fabrics. That way you are sure to get what you want - not just whats on hand.
    This sample kit will get you going for small sensors and is the best investment!

    Have fun.

    best answer ever!!

    thank you and keep the wonderful instructables coming :)