How to make a soft circuit pressure sensor from conductive fabric, velostat and fabric.

conductive fabric and velostat from LessEMF.

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Do you know some material to replace Velostat?
clear and well done!!
thanks for the great instructable! <br /> <br />question on the fabric used....is it the Stretch Conductive Fabric (Cat. #A321) from lessEMF? <br /> <br />I assume that any of the conductived fabrics from sparkfun would work as well? (medtex130, 180 and ripstop?) <br /> <br />Thanks in advance :) <br />
Super Stretch Lycra Conductive Fabric from LessEMF 52&quot; wide $30/ft <br />52&quot; x 12&quot; = 624inches square for $30 <br />Thats a good price. <br />http://www.lessemf.com/321.pdf <br /> <br />The stretch fabric is important if the sensor will be used LOTS! <br />This is because it 'repairs' itself by shrinking up around the hole. <br />Its all very microscopic. <br /> <br />If you are testing and making simple projects - try any conductive fabric. It will most likely work. <br /> <br />If the project is a well used retail project - make sure you use (and the manufacturer used) a stretch conductive lycra. <br /> <br />For beginners - get LessEMF fabric sample kit for $10. Tell them the sample must contain - list your specific fabrics. That way you are sure to get what you want - not just whats on hand. <br />This sample kit will get you going for small sensors and is the best investment! <br /> <br />Have fun. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
best answer ever!! <br /> <br />thank you and keep the wonderful instructables coming :)

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