ETextiles: How to Sew LEDs and Resistors to Fabric


Introduction: ETextiles: How to Sew LEDs and Resistors to Fabric

How to sew hardware to fabric using conductive thread.

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    Thanks a lot for this it really helps. Being a teenage guy I really know nothing about sewing but I love electronics. Now I can integrate this into clothing.

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    cant wait to see, I hope we can work together a little bit , you have some remarkable ideas that will help me in some of my future instructables. Just absoutly fabulous!!!!!!!

    This is very nice work, I work with a lot of leds in many apps. But I havent seen this process before. I recently purchased a singer that does embroidery, this could be integrated with the design and I believe it would make some nice work. I would like to follow and keep up with your updates, in other words I want to learn. absolutely remarkable information. Thanks for sharing. Great Job!!!!!

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    LEDs and more! I suspect you will like whats coming up next.....
    Stay tuned on my youtube channel for the sneak previews....

    thanks for the kudoos. its good to get a pat on the back and a word of encouragement.