ETextiles: Sew Thru Your Hardware, Not Your Fabric!


Introduction: ETextiles: Sew Thru Your Hardware, Not Your Fabric!

When creating eTextiles when to sew thru your hardware and not your fabric.

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    Indeed they're great! Congratulations and thanks a lot for sharing! :D

    3 replies

    You may not know - I have been placing the english transcripts on my website for peeps to google translate.

    transcript for this one can be found here

    Thank you for that information. I'm hard of hearing, and the transcripts help immensely!

    Glad to know they have help!

    Wishing you a weekend of happy craft-teching.

    This series is fantastic. So many great tip and techniques. Thanks for sharing them. :)

    1 reply

    thanks a lot for the feedback!
    Its great to know that the vids are helpful.

    Wishing you a stellar day of creative breakthrus.