Introduction: Earbuds Upgrade

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Your classic earbuds don't fit your ears ? and you're sick to loose them...

Using SUGRU and some copper wire you can make them as steady as a more expensive model.

Step 1: Cut Some Copper Wire

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( or any other flexible/rigid wire)

Step 2: Mold the Sugru Around the Wire

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don't forget to have a bit more of SUGRU at one of the TIP to wrap it around the earbud

Step 3: Wrap the SUGRU on the Earbud

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and repeat for the otherone.

Thanks SUGRU and FabLab Fribourg !


dewanm (author)2014-12-10

thanks its cool idea

wrsexton (author)2014-10-03

Interesting idea.

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-09-28

Awesome upgrade! Looks like it will work really well! Thanks for sharing!

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