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Introduction: Earphone Hub

About: I'm currently studying chemistry at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium. my interests go as far as electronics, mechanics, gardening, sewing, woodwork,... I just love to make stuff!

Tired of sharing your earphones, and have to listen to half the music. But you don't want to spend money on it either.
 then this is a solution to it.

ps: I excuse myself for any spelling mistake that might occurred, English is not my native language. But please correct me if I typed something wrong, we're all here to learn.

Step 1: 1# What You'll Need

-jack plug (from the cable of old/broken/bad earphones)
-jack socket (from old electrical appliances)
-an attractive case to put everything in
-some drill bits and a drill
-electrical tape
-a soldering iron is handy but not necessary 

the first step is to extract everything you'll need from the old appliances
since this is done by your own method and preferences (from destructive to poetic) I'm not going to show how to do that.

Step 2: 2# the Casing

-pop open the casing and make as many room as possible.
I chose a little toy car for this purpose, and I removed the wheel driving mechanism.

-figure out how you can get as many sockets in as possible and drill the holes make sure that the sockets barely fit, we want everything to be strong and secure.
I have 2 sockets in the roof of the car, and one in a wheel.

Step 3: 3# the Plug & Sockets

-cut off the earphones of the old/broken earphones, so you're left with just the plug cable.
-strip off the protective plastic to expose the wires. they should have a factory color code
be sure to remember which of the wires should activate which ear (left right)

-connect every pin of the socket to a piece of wire and figure out which pin belongs to which wire from the plug

Step 4: 4# Bringing Everything Together

-put every socket inside, and glue it with (hot)-glue so everything is strong and secure
-braid the associating wires and isolate the exposed metal with isolating electrical tape
-close everything up, and glue it shut.

now all you need is friends who want to listen to your music
or turn metal, and no one will bother listening to your music \nn/

good luck

NOTE: the sound level dropped once I plugged in the other earphones, this might be a failure in my design or because 2 earphones parallel consume more energy than I originally thought. any way it's solved by cracking up the volume.
just don't plug out one of the earphones when the volume is up! disconnecting one earphone will skyrocket the volume, and blast off your ears!



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    That is awesome, very creative idea!!

    thanks for sharing:)

    can you please show the connections of the terminals of sockets and plug clearly you have made in earphone hub project and if permitted the circuit diagram.or please email it to : saikishoret99@gmail.com .

    Would there be a way of just putting in a AA battery rather than a full blown amplifier, and solder it on to make the volume louder? and perhaps use a variable resistor to control volume... Or would that just fry things and create weird sounds?

    2 replies

    Integrating a simple battery in the circuit is not the way to amplify a sound electrically. (or at least not that I know, but experimenting gives understanding) My guts tell me that the battery will just fry your phones.
    If the car was a little larger, maybe a small amplifier would fit in, the schematics of small amplifiers can be found all over the Internet. But I had to remove an axle to be able to fit in 3 sockets, so there wasn't to much room to begin with, and I just anted a prove of concept :D

    thanks, i'll do a bit o' googlin'

    Two earbuds consume twice the amount of volume as one, the volume will half, sometimes more, because cheaper earbuds use more power to have the same volume.

    4 replies

    i didnt knoe that lolz ^.^ i lerned somthing XD

    I came across that as well,
    and indeed when I tested it with 3 bad earphones (free airline thingies that hardly work) the volume was a lot lower than with the better ones you see on the last picture.

    just crank the volume up and it'll work fine. just remember to put it beck down again when one of the co-listeners is leaving the hub ;)

    The only problem I've ever had with this type of thing, is that if you have to very different ear buds, one can be uncomfortably loud, while the other too quiet.
    I would hook one jack up to a pot, so you can plug the loudest set into that jack and turn it down.

    indeed, very nice idea,
    all three of them could be hooked up to a potentiometer,
    the only down part is that the pots would also use up a little current, so then you would lose some volume in that.

    it was just a quick an easy method. not something perfect ;-)

    This setup would produce unattractive results, because every headphone you would plug into, the volume for the total # of headphones would reduce. Add more and more, and the volume would further reduce.

    Taking it a step further and adding a battery powered amplifier and splitter would solve this.

    1 reply

    there is always room for improvement

    the question is
    is there room for it in a toy car?

    Dutch (on the Flemish side of Belgium) ;-)