Introduction: Easiest Air Restrictor Removal From Nerf Dart Board Gun

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I'm going to take out the air restrictors from the nerf dart board gun (sorry I doen't know its name)

Step 1:

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First im going to do the air restrictor mod. All you will need is a screw driver that can fit the gun, a pair of wire cutters, and the gun.

Step 2:

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Know unscrew the gun. Once opened it should look like this. Take out the top orange part at the front of the gun where the bullet is loaded. This is the only thing you will touch in the gun.

Step 3:

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The peace you pull out should look like this. open up the back side it should be very very easy

Step 4:

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Once you opened the back some parts should fall out right away they look like this

Step 5:

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take the part that has a rod sticking out. cut it with the wire cutters as close to the bottum of the rod as possible

Step 6:

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These should be the only parts that you need forget the little spring and the thing on it. put the peices back to normal only the ones in the picture should be used. Then after that put the gun back togather and put the screws back in so your gun looks like it was never touched.

Step 7: Flip Clip Mod

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know i will show you the flip clip mod

Step 8:

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all you will need is duct tape and two nerf clips

Step 9:

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put the two clips togather but make sure there is enough room between the the clip lines becuase it won't go in the gun if there to close

Step 10:

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now take the tape and wrap it around the two clips make sure they are nice and tight so they doent move around. Tape around it alot to do this.
If peices of tape are sticking up just fold them over the edges of the tape.

Step 11:

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Once you think the clips are nice and tight just cut it with some sicsors like so

Step 12:

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GASSYPOOTS (author)2012-02-29

heres a tip.
dont stick jelly beans in this gun it will break it XD

edm39c (author)GASSYPOOTS2012-03-25

why did u stick jelly beans in ur nerf gun? 0_O

GASSYPOOTS (author)edm39c2012-03-26

i wanted to make it shoot them :(

jbaker22 (author)2012-03-19

Does that mean I shouldn't put the part with 3 prongs in it or the spring? Also, did cutting the piece in the center of the barrel fix it and make it less accurate?

billybenj (author)2011-04-10

It's usually referred to as the tech target gun (ttg)

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