Picture of easy 3 wheel knex motorcycle
3 wheel motor cycle
sorry for pics

Step 1: Body

Picture of body
pic 1= make 2
pic 2 back wheel axial
pic 3 wheel
pic 4 attach together
KnexFreek5 years ago
 its called a trike...... trikes dont have steering wheels
razzlekunai6 years ago
So it's a kiddy tricycle....
its not a motorcycle if it has 3 wheels....
jdwelsch (author)  razzlekunai6 years ago
if you want to put it that way but has steering wheel and no peddles
the steering wheel is supposed to be handles. I rarely ever see a wheel on a bike of any sort. Simple, cool, but you need to make it have working steering for teh luls :D
cool!6 years ago
Cool... Plz Plz Plz say that this is a Knex Motorcycle in the title
jdwelsch (author)  cool!6 years ago
it says 3 wheel knex " motorcycle"
Title says "easy 3 wheel motorcycle" No mention of K'nex.
jdwelsch (author)  Hands Without Shadows6 years ago
well its made of knex can see that in pic
cool! jdwelsch6 years ago
Yes, but my random instructable feature on my iGoogle does not show pics. Its just good to be pretty specific. Also, you will get more hits if you include the common tag knex. Anyway, it was a great intructable :) Thx for fixing!
jdwelsch (author)  Hands Without Shadows6 years ago
there i fixed it