NO THEY DO NOT HAVE A ZOOM!  they are just to improve focus on "the enemy"     
one is a "sniper scope" it is very easy. i am still working on it.    i think you can figure out what it is made of just by looking at the photo... if not, it is two toilet paper rolls on one tube i got from a roll of wrapping paper.
other is smaller and for smaller nerf guns such as the maverick... it is only a part of the tube mentioned above.
i covered them in mod podge( paper mod podge)     and spray painted one.
 ignore some of the extra imagenotes.

<p>can anybody tell me wheres the instructions</p>
How do you get it to clip on the the rail on the gun though???
<p>How do you make the finished one?</p>
can you give me the instructions?<br>
I like this a lot. You should call it an ACOG though. :)
I'm not sure a few photos rises to the spirit of an &quot;instructable.&quot; though.
oh well<br>
because i'm a pedant i do have to add that if it doesn't magnify, then it's a sight. they're called &quot;scopes&quot; because they're telescopic (lets&nbsp; you see farther<br> than normal), so if they're not telescopic they're just plain old sights.<br> <br> other than that, i used to love making little &quot;add ons&quot; for toys and such when i was a kid....makes them look more fun<br> <br> <br>
well yeah... i guess..<br> <br>i dont use them much.. mostly my little brother and his friends...

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