Introduction: Easy Dinning Table Train

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this is an easy car that works on similar principal as of electric train we dont carry source with us but keep the source stationary this is same as electric train only difference is that in train the current passes above it and in this the current flow is below connected to motor via pins and wires that move along car touching with foil passing current this can be used for various purposes like dining table to carry food,as toy for kids etc


Step 1: Collect All Material

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1 take an electric motor

2 take aluminium foil

3 take scissors

4 one pair of wheels with one gear in that (you can use of old car)

5 small cardboard piece

6 wires

7 two pins

Step 2: Assembling

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assemble the car firstly take wheels and pass its axel from the cardboard centre so that they move

attatch motor and gear properly so that the wheels move by motor you can test it by battery finally if ok then join all parts with cellotape

for support you can add third wheel at front

connect one pin to one terminal of motor and other pin other terminal by wires

your car is ready

for clear see image

Step 3: Laying Track

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cut 2 long aluminium foils and lay them as your desire on dining table

put suppots or boundary around your track so the car dont go out of the track

Step 4: Checking and Go!

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firstly check that car is moving with motor if not than make adjustments

check that two foils are not touching as the circuit will not be complete

check the strength and fix it

check that boundary is strong (boundary not shown in images due to time shortage)

if the car does not move with 9 v battery than use other big battery to increase power

make sure that the pins touch foil to pass current

make a hook at back to carry load or vessels

this works on very simple circuit of battery and motor

the foil acts as wires

the car goes on your made track if want to stop then break circuit with switch with battery

!!!!!! main thing!!!!!!! keep battery on one end near you one wire on one foil and other wire on other foil this makes the circuit and car moves without battery on that


Roshan the innovator (author)2015-06-05

really nice....
I think you should have make video of its working...

seamster (author)2015-01-30

This looks like a fun project!

Thanks for sharing this. I hope you'll share more great projects like this!

thanks sir sure

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